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Civic Forum Institute (CFI)

Member since 19.05.2015


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

The Civic Forum Institute (CFI) is a Palestinian non-governmental, not for profit organization, launched in 1998 and working throughout the Palestinian Territories to support the building and development of democracy and democratic institutions, and to strengthen civil society. Its vision is a Palestine in which all citizens are encouraged and enabled to participate equally in the development of an open democratic society where their voices are heard on the issues that affect them.

Their mission is to empower individuals and communities to understand their rights and responsibilities, and be engaged as citizens to participate in the development of democracy in Palestine.

Since its inception, CFI has implemented a number of projects and programs, targeting all sectors in the community including children, youth, and women. CFI work is mainly focused on the rural areas of West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Address : Main street, Al-Qaser Bldg, 2nd floor. Surda, ,Palestinian Authority
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