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Hiwar Center for youth and women's empowerment

Member since 12.04.2016


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

Hiwar Center works on empowering and raising the awareness among Palestinian women and youth, in order to be able to effectively contribute to social development, opening horizons for cultural and knowledge exchange at the national and international levels.

The Center believes in the values of equality between men and women, their rights and duties; social justice and equal opportunities; positive dialogue; fighting violence in the Palestinian society; as well as the importance of enhancing the role of women and youth in the decision making process.
The Center works on building youth leaderships and alliances between feminist and youth movements and they encourage dialogue for conflict resolution in the society.

Hiwar works at the national, Arab countries, and Euro-Mediterranean levels and its main themes are culture; civil rights and political life; and the fight against violence. The Center has between 0-2 years of working experience in the field of gender equality, and its target groups are artisan women and youth under 25 years.


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