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Ilyass Bouzghaia

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The Center for Women's Studies in Islam (CERFI) is a research center that was established in 2010 in affiliation to the official religious institution Rabita Mohammadia of Ulema. The Center aims to fill an academic gap in the field of women's studies from an Islamic perspective. It provides a reformist approach to current women's issues in line with Islamic theology and social realities by exploring the egalitarian potentials within the spiritual message of Islam and the advancement of human knowledge.

The objectives of the Center are:

- Revise the Islamic traditions from a feminist Islamic perspective.
- Clarify the confusion between the religious texts and their human interpretation in different contexts.
- Renovate the Islamic vision to women based on the jurisprudential reasoning (ljtihad) and final purposes (maquassid).
- Show the cultural, historical, and social diversity of women in the Muslim world.
- Evaluate and revise ideas and concepts on women's issues in Islam in the light of contemporary conceptions of justice and human rights.
- Correct stereotypical images about Muslim women.
- Fill the academic gap in the field of women's studies in Islam and draw up a new scholarly reformist vision on it.


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