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Programme d'Appui à la Société Civile (PASC-TUNISIE)

Member since 12.11.2015



Mission and objectives

Since 2013, PASC - Tunisia works for the establishment of strategic partnerships to provide the best support to the civil society in the development of actions promoting principles of mutual understanding, cooperation and partnership with public stakeholders. These actions will enable some civil society organizations to move towards more structured frameworks of institutional cooperation and project implementation so that they can effectively play their role in the democratic transition and development in Tunisia.

The overall objective of PASC - Tunisia is to strengthen the effective contribution of Tunisian civil society in the political and economic dialogue as well as the consolidation of the rule of law and socio-economic development.

The specific objectives are:

- Contributing to strengthen the capacity of civil society and national partners through open spaces for dialogue and collective learning.

- Building trust between public actors and CSOs through a shared vision of development and a joint analysis of experiences and good practices (Tunisian and foreigners) that will work as a basis for pilot actions at local level.

PASC - Tunisia works at local, provincial and regional level on civil rights and political life, economy and employment as well as health and emotional and sexual life. Its target groups are mainly women artisans and youth. PASC - Tunisia has 2 years of specific work experience in gender equality.


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