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Arab Institute for Human Rights

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Mission and objectives

The Arab Institute for Human Rights was established in the year 1989, with an initiative from the Arab Organization for Human rights and Arab Lawyers Union and the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights.

The Arab Institute for human rights works in collaboration with a number from national and regional and international organization, both governmental and nongovernmental, it coordinates as well with different active networks in the Arab region, many of which are feminist networks, it worked on training the organizations of the network Aysha in coordination with the network Salma network which is a feminist network that fights against women. The institute carried out as well many activities to enhance the capacities of women and to produce academic studies and methodological guides and seminars that aims to improve the status of women.

The institute participated in several international meetings and events on women' s rights like the Beijing Conference and participated in organizing an Arab preparatory seminar for that conference.
The Institute currently implements a regional project to strengthen the role of women in trade unions and political parties, as well as coordination with AMINA forum to enhance the expertise and capacity of its organizations in using the mechanisms for the protection and promotion of women' s rights.


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