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Building Bridge Association (BBA)

Member since 26.01.2016



Mission and objectives

Building Bridge Association (BBA) works on spreading, defending and promoting the culture of human rights, gender equality, and economic, social and legal empowerment of women. The association provides services and support to women's and children's victims of human rights' abuses. Furthermore, it works on carrying out research and studies in the field of development, women and human rights, and on developing women and youth's skills in order to participate in the decision making process that is related to the future and community development.

The Association works on the national level, its main themes of work are: civil and political rights; violence; and emotional and sexual life. Its target groups are: migrant and refugee women; women entrepreneurs; and men and women victims of violence.

Building Bridge has 5-10 specific experience in the field of gender equality.


Address : Amman _ Jordan, 11821 ,Jordan
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