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Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle (HACA)

Member since 08.06.2015



Mission and objectives

The "Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle" (HACA) was established by Dahir No. 1-02-212 on 31 August 2002. This is a particular institution which has all the guarantees of impartiality, neutrality and moral authority, technical and legal to regulate the audiovisual communication sector, public and private.

The HACA' s primary mission is to ensure compliance with the principles of pluralism, diversity and freedom of expression in the area of audiovisual communication, respecting fundamental civilizational values and laws of the Kingdom.


Address : Espace les palmiers, Lot 26, Angle Avenues Anakhil et Mehdi Ben Barka, 20590 ,Morocco
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