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ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality

Member since 25.05.2015



Mission and objectives

ABAAD envisions a world in which men and women live as equitable partners and work together to secure better lives for their future. Women are effectively empowered and participate in democratic processes that affect their lives and their communities. In this world there is no violence or discrimination, and women live in freedom, dignity and inner peace. Women also have fair access to assets and resources within their communities.

ABAAD believes that achieving gender equality requires systemic changes in policy and modes of social interactions at all levels of the society: home, work place, school, public services, media, and so on.

Hence, ABAAD seeks to promote women' s equality and participation through policy development, legal reform, gender mainstreaming, engaging men, eliminating discrimination, and advancing and empowering women to participate effectively and fully in their communities. ABAAD also seeks to support and collaborate with civil society organizations that are involved in gender equality programs and advocacy campaigns.


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