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Association Entrelles Entrepreneures SM

Member since 26.03.2016



Mission and objectives

The Association "Entrelles" of women entrepreneurs in the Souss-Massa region was created in 2010 with the missions of developing the entrepreneurial spirit among women, creating business and supporting the development of women's businesses in the region. The objectives of the Association are organized around the following axes:

- Defend the interests of its members to help them to sustain their businesses;
- Assume the role of supervision, support, awareness, training, promotion, popularization of concepts, stimulus and intermediation;
- Encourage the creation of businesses run by women in the region;
- Contribute to the legislation and regulations;
- Becoming the indispensable interlocutor with the public and private authorities in the region on issues related to entrepreneurship and development;
- Support the implementation's process of the advanced regionalization;
- Participate in the promotion of women as an economic actor who creates wealth;


Address : BP 30767 Agadir Founty, 80010 ,Morocco
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