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Liberated T

Member since 16.02.2018


United Kingdom

Mission and objectives

´´Liberated T´´, is a Syrian advocacy campaign that aims to change the negative gender stenotypes imposed mainly by our society on women, it focuses on the Syrian women’s stories, battles, and experiences.
It will also expose the gender based violations they face on their daily lives.
*In standard Arabic language the femininity letter T added to the verb to make it feminine is named “The Quiet T”. Our campaign uses the same femininity T but we are changing its name into liberated T, instead of "quiet".

Specific initiatives or programs on gender equality and women's rights

Videos and comics highlighting the stories of inspiring women, gender stereotypes, etc.

Working themes

Civil and political rights
Types of Violence

Specific years of work experience in gender equality



Address : Oxford, sw18 2bw ,United Kingdom
Telephone : +447713747031
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