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وفاء زيتي

Member since 25.04.2017



Presentation of research activity or teaching

Wafa Ziti is PhD candidate in the Gender Research and Studies Laboratory from the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Aïn Chock, Université Hassan II of Casablanca.

Doctoral studies: Gender, Society and Culture.
I am also teacher in the highschool within the Ministry of National Education, and in parallel, replacement teacher of Language and Terminology in the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Aïn Chock.

Working themes

Civil and political rights
Education / Professional training
Economy / Employment

Geographical sphere of activity


Populations targeted by research

Students, citizens, researchers.

Specific years of work experience in gender equality


Project on gender equality and women's rights

The Constitution, the reforms, the laws which reflect equality and parity are important but those will have no effect without a real revolution in the thinking and an awakening of consciences of everybody. There is still a long way to go.

The issue of women’s status in Morocco, came through the 20th and the 21st centuries in an episodically way almost always in terms of confrontation and clashes between the conservative, nationalist and modernist tendencies which tried to impose their vision and political presence.

The Moroccan feminism aims to be both a progressive vision of society and an approach which is aimed at transforming society and at influencing it in accordance with this vision.


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