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Mission and objectives

As an Egyptian woman living in Europe I am focused on building stronger networks of exchange of Arab women and European women for further specificity and access to these exchanges as an equal encounter. I am pursuing a doctoral degree in the subject and seek to deconstruct through it the stereotyped frames of oppression in framing the Arab woman, through direct interventions of Egyptian women leaderships. Languages and perspectives from women in balanced exchange help understand situated complexities and intersectional identities which are not fixed and must be known rather than muted.

Project on gender equality and women's rights

Challenging mechanisms of superiority or paternalistic approaches to women's well being across cultural, racial, ethnic and gender boundaries is vital to the flourishing recognition and respect of all women's rights. Access to channels of knowledge must also seek to be welcoming rather than merely tolerant or inclusive of the "other". This exchange I would endeavor to carry out on a wider range, through other Egyptian women and across regional and global perceived boundaries. In addition to this I seek to examine the media reportage at the global stage framing Arabs and particularly Arab women, and join networks to strengthen the possibilities of exchange rather than defining the other, and silencing struggles and complexities in this act.

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Working themes

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