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Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

Shashat has focused on and made as its priority women’s cinema as an agent of social change. Gender inequality in Palestine is grounded in popular cultural perceptions of women held by the public, policy-makers and most of the institutions whose decisions have a profound impact on women’s lives. These perceptions leave women with limited resources to control their own lives or develop their capabilities and a poverty of knowledge of options of how to change their lives or empower them to seek alternative options. They legitimize and normalize women’s marginalization and oppression. Shashat’s underlying vision and mission has been a commitment to the integration of the creative and the human rights dimensions of women’s cinema in advocating for gender justice.

Main activities related to gender equality and women's rights

Cinema can play a central role in creating awareness and challenging stereotypes, putting upfront violence against women and girls, women rights, and gender equality at all levels of society. Over sixteen years of commitment and operation, Shashat has created a meaningful presence in marginalized areas with its films s a centerpiece throughout villages, towns, cities, refugee camps, Bedouin communities and universities in the West Bank, Jerusalem area, and the Gaza Strip. It generated acceptance and sometimes debates on gender thematic. Shashat’s methodology is based on the belief that to become credible in changing the values and emotional fabric of society on women’s status and human rights, cultural products must be relevant to people’s lives and experiences.

Geographical sphere of activity


Working themes

Types of Violence
Culture / Sports / Leasure

Target group(s)

Youth (under 25), Immigrant and refugee women, Women artisans

Specific years of work experience in gender equality



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