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Doaa Salman

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Presentation of research activity or teaching

Doaa Salman is a holder of a PhD and she is the head of Economics department in Modern Sciences and Arts University, MSA, Egypt. She is a full professor since 2014, she holds a PhD in International Economics. She has a wide variety of teaching and professional experiences both at the University of MSA and prior to this at the Ain Shams University, British university in Cairo. She previously worked in London school of economics program in Arab academy for Science Technology and Maritime. She is a principle fellow of the higher education academy.

Working themes

Education / Professional training
Economy / Employment
Health / Emotional and sexual life

Populations targeted by research

Students and researchers, Employed women, Youth (under 25)

Geographical sphere of activity


Specific years of work experience in gender equality


Main publications related to gender equality and women's rights

Her research project has double goals. The first is to analyze the effect of feminization of occupations on gender-occupational segregation in the Mediterranean countries of Egypt and Jordan. The second, is to identify the effect of feminization of occupations on the gender wage gap.

She is also the co-author of the study “Impact of Women Wage Segregation on Economic Growth: Evidence from Brazil, Egypt and Jordan”.

Additionally, she trained both gender in YAPD (Youth Association for Populations Development) which is a non-governmental organization that increases awareness of gender equality in Egypt.


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