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Rural Women's Development Socity

Member since 19.01.2017


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

Our Vision is equality between women and men, boys and girls in Palestinian rural areas in accordance with the Palestinian Declaration of Independence and international conventions and standards.Our Mission To create a women’s movement in Palestinian rural areas that is capable of claiming and developing women’s social, economic and political rights.Strategic Objectives for 2014-2019:To enhance the livelihood of poor and vulnerable women and their families in rural areas.To reduce all forms of gender-based violence and its impact on women in rural areas.To enhance the political and social participation of women in rural areas.To enhance RWDS performance towards fulfilling its mission and maintaining its sustainability.Community mobilization, lobbying and advocacy are key tools.

Main activities related to gender equality and women's rights

RWDS has a strong and respected grassroots presence in rural communities and 3000+ women members in a network of 60 women’s clubs.We advance the rights of rural women by creating an empowering and supportive environment for them in their local communities through the clubs, highlighting their invaluable contributions to Palestinian society, and designing innovative projects in 3 program areas: Economic Empowerment, Political and Social Participation, and Violence Prevention. We use education, community participation and mobilization, skill-building, and advocacy as tools to develop women into strong, committed, and able leaders. Furthermore, RWDS is committed to working not only with women and girls, but also with boys and men, as well as decision-makers at the local and national levels

Geographical sphere of activity


Working themes

Economy / Employment
Education / Professional training
Types of Violence

Target group(s)

Women entrepreneurs, Women artisans, Employed women

Specific years of work experience in gender equality



Address : Sabat Building, Edward Said St., 4295 ,Palestinian Authority
Telephone : +972 2 296 4585
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