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Leïla Tauil

Member since 03.05.2018



Presentation of research activity or teaching

Lecturer - University of Geneva
Associate Researcher - Free University of Brussels (Centre for Studies in International Cooperation and Development)
Fields of teaching and research:
- Secular Arab feminisms
- Islamic feminisms
- Women's place in Islamist speeches and re-Islamization
- The question of the veil: historical and contemporary approaches
- Introduction to the history of Islamic thought
- Work of Mohammed Arkoun
Our research project is to analyse feminist and Islamist discourses and their evolution in Tunisia and Morocco during the post-revolutionary period that began in January 2011. We will identify social representations related to the place of women in the speeches of feminist actors and women. Islamist actors and their respective social projects. We will analyse, through societal controversies around recurring themes (personal status code, inheritance equality, etc.), the gendered power relations at the level of the discursive field in which feminists and Islamists engage respectively through their speeches to impact on women's rights laws and the future of their societies.

Working themes

Civil and political rights
Education / Professional training

Populations targeted by research

Students and researchers, Other

Geographical sphere of activity


Specific years of work experience in gender equality


Main publications related to gender equality and women's rights

Published books:
- Arab feminisms: a century of struggle. The cases of Morocco and Tunisia, Ed. Harmattan, 2018.
- Feminists of Islam, from religious commitment to Islamic feminism, Study of speeches of "glocal" religious actors in Brussels, Foreword by Firouzeh Nahavandi, Ed. Pensées Féministes (Feminist Thoughts), Brussels, 2011.
Published articles:
- "Moroccan historical feminism and emerging Islamic feminism in Morocco: what are the stakes for gender equality?", Women, Arab Spring and Citizens' Demands, Gillot G. & Martinez A. (eds.), Ed. I.R.D Paris, 2016.
- "The question of the Islamic veil in places of re-Islamization in Brussels: from patriarchal Islamic speech to feminist Islamic speech", Naef S. et al, Veil, body and modesty: historical and anthropological approaches, Geneva, Ed. Labor and Fides, 2015.
- "Islamic Thought: Between Theological-Legal Islam, Rationalist Islam and Philosophical Reason: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective", Neutral and Engaged - Managing Cultural Diversity and Beliefs in French-Language Belgian Public Education, Decharneux B. & Wolfs J. (Ed.), Ed. EME, Belgium, 2010.
- "Place of the woman in Islamic law through the example of the Family Code of Morocco: the moudawana between tradition and modernity", Les islams, Ed. Reliures, Belgium, n ° 26, spring-summer 2011.
- "Muslim feminists use religion to promote equality, Islamic feminists use equality to promote Islam." Interview with Jean Vogel, Islamic feminism, articulation No. 44, Ed. CESEP, February 2011.
- "The legal status of Moroccan women: Analysis of the controversy between feminists and Islamists", La Moudawana, Chronique Feministe (Feminist Chronical), No. 94, Women's University, Jan./May 2006.


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