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Women Programs Centre - Rafah

Member since 16.02.2018


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

The women Programs Center – Rafah is a non-profit organization established in 1952 by UNRWA. The building was developed in the Shaboura area by a donation from the Belgian government in 1995. The center was then moved to the Tel-Sultan area in 2008 to develop its programs and activities.
The centre provides many trainings and activities for empowering women and young women economically. It also help them find jobs and improve their difficult economic situation.

Main activities related to gender equality and women's rights

• Educate the community about the active and creative role of women in the development process.
• Training and qualifying Palestinian women to raise their social, economic, cultural and vocational level.
• Building women’s confidence towards general situations and developing their leadership capacity.
• Implement income generating projects for women and their families.
• Strengthen women and develop their managerial skills and work to find jobs for them.

Geographical sphere of activity


Working themes

Education / Professional training
Types of Violence
Culture / Sports / Leasure

Target group(s)

Women artisans, Victims of violence, Immigrant and refugee women

Specific years of work experience in gender equality



Address : Rafah, Gaza, 00970 ,Palestinian Authority
Telephone : 082146135
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