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Mission and objectives

Jiwar aims at contributing to the social cohesion through the artistic practice. It is from the art how we face the main challenges of contemporaneity, particularly those derived from mobility and intercultural cohabitation.
In this regard, Jiwar is working since 2011 in order to bring into contact some women artists and researchers, especially in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and is supporting intercultural projects which, through the artistic creation, respond to the agenda of social change. Jiwar whishes to prioritise a rich and nourishing neighbourhood with the inhabitants of the city and the district. Gender equality is a transversal value of the project, as well as interculturality and equality, the non-violent struggle, and the equality of opportunities.

Main activities related to gender equality and women's rights

The 2 most emblematic projects in this context are: Entrelacées (interlaced) and the Making Neigh project.
In the first case, we created an equality space around sewing between Catalan old women from Gràcia's neighbourhood and Pakistani young migrant women (Raval, neighbourhood of Barcelona which is completely exceeded by mass tourism in city centre) creating bonds of frendship and exchanging learning and savoir-faire, through the dynamization of a textile artist. In the Making N. project, we worked the intimate identity of women mothers, how their dreams are detached or not from their role imposed by the society as mother figures. Deema Shahin, the women artist who developed the project, is still working around the Mediterranean.

Geographical sphere of activity


Working themes

Culture / Sports / Leasure

Target group(s)

Other, Immigrant and refugee women

Specific years of work experience in gender equality



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