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Women Empowerment Unit in Jerash Municipality

Member since 09.04.2019



Mission and objectives

- Contribute to the integration of women, especially poor women, into the development process and enable them to gain opportunities to participate in various social, economic, political and cultural fields, thus contributing to the continuous improvement of the situation of women and their families at the general level.
- Building women's capacities by helping them acquire the necessary skills and abilities in planning, management, communication, creative thinking, group leadership and other areas.
- Increasing women's participation in private entrepreneurship and building the capacities of women working at home and providing them with vocational and technical skills through training courses
- Developing women’s managerial, leadership and professional skills

Project on gender equality and women's rights

- Conducting continuous assessment of women´s needs in Jerash
- Networking with public and private sector institutions
- Facilitate the implementation of programs and projects dealing with women
- Increasing women's participation in private entrepreneurship
- Activating the capacities of women working at home and in informal work and integrating them into the national economy.

Geographical sphere of activity


Working themes

Civil and political rights
Economy / Employment


Address : Jerash, 11118/1689 ,Jordan
Telephone : 00962772687048
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