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Mounira Sellami

Member since 16.11.2018



Presentation of research activity or teaching

Mounira Sellami is a researcher in the field of female entrepreneurship. She holds a Ph. D in economic and management sciences from the University of Ouargla (Algeria) for her thesis entitled “study and analysis of the reality of women's entrepreneurship in Algeria - a field study - 2015). Dr. Sellami is a member of a research team at CREAD (Research Center for Applied Economics for Development). The work of the group addresses the realities and challenges of women entrepreneurship in Algeria.
Dr. Sellami supervised several researches and master's studies on the subject of business and female entrepreneurship. She was awarded a master's degree after completing a research entitled "Women Entrepreneurship in Algeria – A Field Study" targeting female students who were about to graduate of university.
Dr.. Sellami is a member of the Entrepreneurship House and the Entrepreneurship Incubator at the University of Ouargla. She is also a member of the Journal of the Algerian Business Performance Review, and of the Algerian Association of Algerian Female Business Managers – AME.

Working themes

Economy / Employment
Types of Violence
Civil and political rights

Populations targeted by research

Women entrepreneurs, Women artisans, Students and researchers

Geographical sphere of activity


Specific years of work experience in gender equality


Main publications related to gender equality and women's rights

- PhD thesis "Study and analysis of the reality of women's entrepreneurship in Algeria - field study", 2015
- Master thesis "The orientation of women entrepreneurs in Algeria - a field study"
- Women and the Problem of Economic Empowerment in Algeria, Algerian Journal of Economic Development, 2016
- The entrepreneurial orientation of women in Algeria, the researcher magazine, 2010
- Feminist Entrepreneurship in Algeria: The Reality of Construction and the Challenges of the Business Climate, The Institute of the Performance of Institutions and Economies in the Shadow of Globalization - Kasdi Merbah Ouragla University, Issue 5, 2014
- The role of vocational training institutions in pushing young people towards entrepreneurship: A study of the state of vocational training institutions for the South-East region (Ouargla, Tikrit, Hassi Massoud), Kasdi Merbah Ouragla University, No. 2, 2012
In addition to her publications, Sellami attends and participates in many international and national meetings and forums on entrepreneurship and women's rights.


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