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Sana Hafsa Consulting Office

Member since 13.02.2018



Mission and objectives

This is a company that assists young people and women in their efforts to achieve their life projects.
We develop programs to optimize the employability of young people and women in particular and support them towards financial empowerment.
We seek to develop the social impact of citizen projects and in particular those that aim to integrate women into the socio-economic fabric.
In 2015, the firm's founder created a social enterprise named SWANINA that aims to support small family farms and rural women, and in 2017 she launched a new program "Life project concept" that aims to support life projects of women and young people in Tunisia.

Main activities related to gender equality and women's rights

Our company has developed a vision about helping young people and women towards financial empowerment and social development that is based on strengthening individual and collective skills.
Our services are based on training and assistance in the preparation of documents related to all life projects whether academic, professional or societal. Our team provides all the tools of success and the know-how necessary to optimize the chances of success of young entrepreneurs and especially women. These services are available for associations, businesses and individuals.

Working themes

Education / Professional training
Economy / Employment
Civil and political rights

Specific years of work experience in gender equality



Address : Monastir, 5070 ,Tunisia
Telephone : 0021622923263
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