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Mission and objectives

In 2017, “BilArabiya” is established in Lebanon as a Non-Profit-Organization, whose main objective is to erase illiteracy, helping the youth on all levels, empower and strengthen the role of women and achieve gender equality.
We encourage women and children to participate in the trainings and prizes that we launch to improve their skills and incorporate them into the society in order to empower them, assure gender equality and boost their learning abilities and develop their skills
Primarily, our mission is to eradicate illiteracy because every child deserves a proper and legitimate education. Also, we provide scholarships and educational opportunities for anyone who stumbles to complete their education, as well as providing study necessities such as laptops, stationery etc...

Project on gender equality and women's rights

“BilArabiya” is working on children and women's rights and acts for the empowerment and strengthening of the role of women in Lebanon. Through our activities and workshops, we improve the central role of women that assures the stability, progress and long-term development of nations.
We motivate women to complete their education so as to activate their role and assure gender equality through many literacy and Women’s rights courses and trainings we have made with cooperation of legal and social psychologists.
Furthermore, we have arranged cultural and educational trips for women all over Lebanon to immerse them in the Lebanese and the Mediterranean culture and to let them explore their capabilities and communication skills.

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Working themes

Education / Professional training
Civil and political rights


Address : Dbayeh, 00961 ,Lebanon
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