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Seed of Peace - Oran

Member since 25.07.2017



Mission and objectives

Local, non-profit organization, working for the prevention of violence, the promotion of peace education projects and intercultural exchanges. It promotes the networking of associations active in the field of youth, and fosters the mobility and participation of young people in cross-border Euro-Mediterranean projects. It operates at the local, national and international levels.

Main activities related to gender equality and women's rights

"BASTA" an exchange of Franco-German-Algerian-Italian practices related to prevention of violence against women. This multi-national project consists in working with young people to elaborate individual and collective strategies against gender based violence. The project focuses on the different dimensions and forms of violence: physical, sexual, psychological, economic, etc. within the private or public space. It also looks at the gender dimension of violence and the way it forms a part of broader gender relations and distinctions between men and women. It reflects on how this violence is articulated within other social power relations (racism, homophobia, classes…) and how this can be taken into account in practice.

Geographical sphere of activity


Working themes

Education / Professional training
Types of Violence

Target group(s)

Youth (under 25), Victims of violence, Other

Specific years of work experience in gender equality



Address : AKID LOTFI OARN, 31000 ,Algeria
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