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Anouar Association

Member since 16.12.2020



Mission and objectives

The mission of the Anouar Association is to serve underprivileged children as well as uncared for elders. It strives to offer sustenance to poor children and helpless elders. Despite being an Arab organization, it does not confine itself within the boundaries of the Arab world. If need be it can help children and elders in other geographies too. It has taken up a mission. The Mission is to help poor children and adults become self-reliant so that they don’t get sucked into the chasm of modern society.

Main activities related to gender equality and women's rights

There are elders in the society who need care and sustenance. These elders may have fallen out of favor with their family members. They may even be rendered helpless due to financial conditions. Either way, they need succor. The Anouar Association can offer the much-needed succor to them. They also need a means of sustenance. So the association strives to help them earn a living for themselves. The vision is to help these helpless elders and poor children with voluntary help, fundraising with an objective and supporting them. It has a wide base of volunteers and running projects. There are 6325 volunteers who are happy to help these poor children and helpless elders. In all, they have 22 years of experience in implementing such projects.

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Address : 5 Rue Averroes El Karkour ait Faska Ait Ourir Al Haouz, 42082 ,Morocco
Telephone : +212 602001027
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