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Institute for gender equality

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Mission and objectives

The Institute for gender equality is the Belgian federal public institution tasked since 2002 with ensuring and promoting gender equality and combating all forms of discrimination and inequality based on sex. The Institute aims to embed the notion of equality in this society so that it becomes evident in the attitudes and practices.
The Institute is a public interest organization, legally competent to:
- execute, develop, support and coordinate studies and research on gender and gender equality and assess the impact in terms of gender policies, programs and measures implemented;
- make recommendations to government bodies to improve laws and regulations;
- make recommendations to government bodies and private individuals and institutions based on the results of studies and research conducted by the Institute;
- organize support for associations involved in gender equality, or projects with the aim of achieving gender equality;
- assist, within the limits of its purpose, any person seeking advice on the extent of his/her rights and obligations. This support allows his/her beneficiary to obtain information and advice on how to assert his/her rights;
- seek legal redress in disputes arising from the application of criminal laws and other laws that are specifically designed to guarantee gender equality;
- produce and supply all information, documentation and record keeping as part of its purpose;
- collect and publish, without the possibility of identifying the parties involved, statistics and court decisions relevant to the evaluation of laws and regulations relating to gender equality;
- request the competent authority when the Institute uncovers facts that can assume the existence of discriminatory treatment, as defined in the laws and regulations relating to gender equality, to investigate and keep the Institute informed of the results of the analysis of the facts in question. The authority promptly informs the Institute on its future course of action;
- develop a network structure with different players in the field of gender equality.


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