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Cork Feminista

Member since 30.03.2016



Mission and objectives

Cork Feminista is committed to progressing, upholding and representing women's issues in all domains. They aim to bring women's issues to the fore of society through activism, workshops, talks and media campaigns.

Cork Feminista is committed to gender equality, empowerment and advancing women's rights. The driving force of social change is action. Cork Feminista actively promotes gender equality by organising and taking part in campaigns, protests and Local and National events. They promote intersectional feminism and endeavour to work with all women within our community regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, age and ability.

Cork Feminista works on health and emotional and sexual life, civil rights and political life as well as types of violence at local, provincial and regional levels. Their target groups are all women in Cork, immigrant and refugee women and students and researchers. Cork Feminista has between 2 and 5 years of work experience in gender equality.


Address : 14 Lancaster Quay, 0000 ,Ireland
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