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Brunella Mariani

Member since 03.04.2016



Presentation of research activity or teaching

Madam Brunella Mariani has a PhD in International Relations at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She conducted a research study on the European program “She decides, you succeed”, which analyses the situation in Italy, Latvia, and Romania on women's access to economic decision-making positions.

Madam Mariani conducts research on gender equality at the school in Morocco and Tunisia, conducted for the project “Forming responsible citizens”, leveled by the Union for the Mediterranean. She also conducted research on migrant female entrepreneurship to realize a publication and a reportage.

Madam Mariani works mainly on civil rights and political life, economy and employment and education and professional training at the Euro-Mediterranean level. Her target population of her researches are women between 16-50 years old. Madam Mariani has between 2 and 5 years of work experience in gender equality.


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