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Association pour le Droit à la Différence (ADD)

Member since 11.04.2016



Mission and objectives

"L'Association pour la Promotion du Droits à la Différence" (ADD) is an initiative of a group of citizens, which was established on 15 April 2011. ADD Association works for the active involvement of citizens and for the defense of the right to difference and the respect of universal human rights. Its missions are:

- Strengthening freedom of expression;
- Working towards parity between women and man;
- Defending the rights of minorities;
- Popularizing the gender approach.

The objectives of the ADD Association are: defending property rights and working for the enactment of a law favorable to their expectations, strengthening equality between man and woman, contributing to the implementation, extension and development of the gender approach.

The main working themes of the ADD Association are civil rights and politics at local, provincial and regional level. Their target groups are young people, women artisans and women employees.


Address : 2, 2 mars 1934 Street, 7000 ,Tunisia
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