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Aysegul Bayar

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Madam Aysegul Bayar is a researcher of an independent research institute in Istanbul, called Infakto Research Workshop. Her working themes are civils rights and political life, violence as well as economy and employment at the Euro-Mediterranean level. The target population of her researches are: all vulnerable parts of the society; mainly children, women, LGBTI individuals and immigrants.
Madam Aysegul Bayar has 2 years of work experience in gender equality. She was a participant of a training programme, "Femmes d'Avenir en Méditerranée - FAM", organised by Sciences Po, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Union pour la Méditerranée.

Madam Aysegul Bayar was the project manager in charge of evaluating the impact analysis of the "Multi-purpose Community Center for Women" Project. She has coordinated a research team of 5 people in developing performance evaluation criteria, data collection, data analysis and evaluation processes. The evaluation process is followed by city-specific strategic road map recommendations with a comparative approach for the better implementation of the project in the future.

The Project "Evaluating the impact analysis of "South Anatolia Project (GAP) - Multi-purpose Community Center for Women (CATOM)" was implemented by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Development in 1995, and it aims at challenging gender-based discriminations in the region, helping to increase the individual productivity and social capacities of women, as well as their civil participation.


Address : Erdogdu Sok. Seher Apt. 15/2 Feneryolu, 347 24 ,Turkey
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They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

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