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Action et Promotion Sociale et Culturelle

Member since 09.05.2016



Mission and objectives

The Association of “Action et promotion Sociale et Culturelle” works in order to find solutions to the following problems:

1- social and professional exclusion of young women and men: unemployment and the precariousness of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in multiple situations of vulnerability due to delinquency and/or incarceration, school dropout, or their geographic isolation.
2- discrimination and violence against girls and women in family and public areas, and protection of sexual and reproductive rights of Algerian women and/or migrant women in Algeria.
3- difficulties of access to law and public services for people experiencing multiple vulnerabilities due to their gender, age, health status, social class, geographic area, etc.
4- lack of cooperation and consultation between civil society and public authorities, and the lack of monitoring of public policies on access to rights for vulnerable populations.
5- the precariousness of Algerian families and the difficulties of access to adequate and dignified standard of living.

“Action et promotion Sociale et Culturelle” works mainly on violence, health and emotional and sexual life as well as the economy and employment at the local, provincial and regional levels. Its target groups are young people and victims of violence. The Association has between 2 and 5 years of specific experience working in gender equality.


Address : 15 Meaoud Ahmed Street. Ex Mirauchaux, 31000 ,Algeria
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