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Coalition for Tunisian Women

Member since 30.04.2016



Mission and objectives

The Coalition for Tunisian Women is a network of 22 associations that achieves its goal at the legislative level, according to the needs in the field and those from Tunisian women.

Its objectives are: defending human rights, particularly women's rights; the inclusion of marginalized women in the political and civil life; promoting financial independence of women and the rights of women's health; strengthening the capacity of women and women's access to power; ensuring gender mainstreaming in all areas; promoting strong women against violence; including men in the feminist movement; having young feminists; promoting an environment conducive to performance women's lives and defending modern and active women in political associations and even in positions of power.

The Coalition works primarily on the economy and employment, civil rights and political life, health, and the emotional and sexual life at the national level. Its target groups are women entrepreneurs, young people and victims of violence. The Coalition for Tunisian Women has between 2 and 5 years of specific experience working in gender equality.


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