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Mixité et Gouvernance en Méditerranée

Member since 11.07.2016



Mission and objectives

The project of "Mixité et Gouvernance autour de la Méditerranée" aims to create a sustainable network of women in senior positions in administrations and institutions of the public sector in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Men who are convinced of the need for gender equality are encouraged to support the Network and to be associated with it. This is a people's network: members are not representatives of their country. Nevertheless, the creation of national networks is encouraged.

The Network has two main objectives:

- Strengthening the role of women in national governments and their role in the decision-making process;
- Being a force proposals to the States through the promotion of the diversity's importance in the public decision making process.

Their mission is, therefore, to make the most effective public action and closer to the general interest, meeting the needs of both: women and men.


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