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SHASHAT Women Cinema

Member since 19.05.2015


Palestinian Authority

Mission and objectives

SHASHAT Women Cinema is a formally registered NGO in Palestine whose focus is on women' s cinema and the social and cultural implications of women' s representations. Shashat is unique in its exclusive focus on building the capacity of young Palestinian women filmmakers from culturally and economically disenfranchised areas providing them with training and production the Palestinian filmmaking community, and building networks and partnerships among the Palestinian filmmaking community, and between them and the regional and international film communities.

Shashat' s Areas of Activity are:

1. SHASHAT' s Annual Women' s Film Festival in Palestine, 9 editions held since 2005.
2. Capacity Building of the Palestinian filmmaking sector with emphasis on young women filmmakers.
3. “Films for Everyone” Year-long national Screening\Discussion Program & Satellite TV program.
4. Cinema Cultural Outreach – Publications, Cine Club, & Library.


Address : 3rd floor, HSBC Building, ,Palestinian Authority
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