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The Generation Equality Girls'Fund

19.07.2021 / Created by (EMWF)

This fund is for Administrative costs, COVID-19, Campaigning and advocacy costs, Community services, Emergency / Quick Access Funding, Equipment, Event costs, Materials, Salaries, Technical Support, Transport costs in ODA-eligible countries. The amount is a total of $100 - $5,000 and the application closes in 16 days.


The Generation Equality Girls’ Fund is a pop-up, collaborative fund led by Purposeful and Plan International to resource girls and their allies as they engage in the UN’s historic Generation Equality (GE) process. The Girls’ Fund is designed to support groups, collectives and/or organisations led by girls or young feminists that focus on girls as they engage in the GE process. The Fund is offering funding amounts of up to $5,000 to groups involved in the GE process or with the intention of getting involved. These grants are flexible and we trust groups to know the best way to use the funds. Formal channels of GE include participation in the Action Coalitions (ACs), Youth Task Force and Girls Advisory Group, as well as National Youth Gender Activists. Some ways in which groups can be informally participating in the GE process include: 

  • Girl and youth engagement in the implementation of the AC blueprints and commitments;
  • Consultations with diverse constituencies of girls and young people to contextualise the global actions at the country and regional levels; 
  • Campaigns and advocacy related to the AC goals or action statements; 
  • Girl- and youth-led efforts to implement the AC blueprints; 
  • Girl- and youth-led commitments; 
  • Girl- and youth-led accountability efforts;
  • National level advocacy targeting government and multilateral GE commitments.

We encourage all groups to apply here on the Equality Accelerator website; it will be much easier to manage your application this way. However, if you are unable to apply online for reasons of accessibility, please email and we will do our best to accommodate your group. 


To apply for this fund you must be based in an ODA-eligible country. Here is a complete list of all eligible countries; make sure your country is on the list before applying.  We can only accept applications in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or French. Applications must be from girl-led or girl-focused young feminist groups, organisations and collectives engaging in the GE process, either formally or informally. Groups don’t need to be registered, but they need to have at least 3 members and be led by girls or young feminists below the age of 24. We don’t mind if you call yourselves a collective, network, group, organisation or anything else!


  • Your group is primarily led by girls, women and people who identify as trans, non-binary, intersex and/or gender non-conforming between the ages of 14-24. The majority of grants will be dedicated to groups led by girls under the age of 18 or young feminist-led groups with a strong focus on girls.
  • Your group is actively participating in the UN Generation Equality process (this includes community organising, national, regional and / or global activities) OR your group is interested in engaging in the GE process and have an idea for how to get involved. To learn more about GE and how your group can participate, click here. Your group’s participation can be through the formal or informal channels.
  • Your group’s budget is less than 50,000 USD annually
  • Your group is independent of government institutions, political and religious organisations, and corporations.


  • Type : Grant / Award
  • Deadline : 04/08/2021
  • Promoter : Forum Génération Egalité


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