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Nazra is hiring!

24.02.2021 / Created by NFS

Nazra is hiring!

We are currently looking for candidates that can join our team as soon as possible, in the following positions:

a researcher/consultant to work on monitoring and documenting sexual violence in conflict zones

Nazra is looking for a qualified candidate to review its “Regional Manual on Monitoring and Documentation in the MENA Region” and develop the part concerning documentation in conflict zones, where gender based violence and sexual violence ratio increased as one of Covid-19 consequences, in order to produce a particular one about Monitoring and Documentation of Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones based on the recent changes and the conflict contexts sensitivity. Case study on at least two countries from the region.

a media officer

Nazra is looking for a qualified candidate to play the role of a Media Officer and Media Consultant, in order to reveal and highlight Nazra’s work that reflect its mission, vision and goal, disseminating different forms of publications, communications and correspondence to assure the highest visibility through a well elaborated messages.

a coordinator, to work on our initiative "Feminist Coalition for MENA Region Towards Beijing+25"

Nazra is looking for a qualified candidate to join its regional initiative “Feminist Coalition for MENA Towards Beijing 25” to coordinate its work, contribute in the managing process and play the role of the spokesperson.

an advocate

Nazra is looking for a qualified candidate to:

1. Advocate, point out and advise on best approaches to address opportunities to influence policy makers, Governments, legislators and other forms of agencies and institutions that have the power to contribute positively to the advancement of Nazra goals. on local,regional international levels

2. Draft Policy included but not limited to briefers, backgrounders and statements that serve as a tool to introduce NAZRA’s work and impact.

3. Has her/his input regarding the Strategic Development, including suggesting paths and approaches, tactics and strategies the organization could adopt to maintain its impact and relevance in the local, regional and international domain(s).

4. Drafting Urgent appeals, statements and talking points on Nazra goals on local,regional and international level 5. Representing Nazra on advocacy meetings and settings regionally and internationally 6. Working on Nazra consultative status to different regional and international mechanisms

Please, find below the Terms of Reference for all the positions.

For further information, you can contact advocacy@nazra.org.


  • Type : Employment / Position
  • Deadline : 30/09/2021
  • Promoter : Nazra for Feminist Studies


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