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The summer holidays are approaching but the fight for gender equality never rests! Thus, we have prepared a list of courses and lectures on our favorite subject: Gender issues and women’s rights.

Whether you want to discover these questions or simply deepen your knowledge, we invite you to make the most out of your summer by diving into this fascinating topic! 

- #YoungDefenders: DDHH Joves Defensores at the Mediterrània [Young Female Human Rights Defenders in the Mediterranean Region], Valls, Olot, Tarragona (Spain): 

This is a series of free lectures on the role of young female activists for human rights throughout the Euro-Mediterranean region. This event will be held in English. 

- Summer school on Feminism, Paris (France): 

From September 13 to 14, for the first time, the French government is organizing a Summer School on Feminism to reflect on the major issues regarding gender equality. Several conferences, round tables, exhibitions, etc. are scheduled with the participation of committed individuals from cilvil society associations, sociologists and historians, journalists and media personalities. This event will be held in French. 

- Gender, Conflict and the Middle East, SOAS Summer School, London (UK): 

This fee-based course offers insight into key issues in the study of gender, state and violence in the Middle East. The course provides a focus for people interested in feminism and masculinity studies, sexuality and gender, while also offering a gendered approach to the study of state-building and violence in the Middle East. This event will be held in English. 

- Ongoing training on the theme of gender equality and gender, Turin (Italy): 

The International Training Center (ITC) was established in Turin in 1964 by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Italian Government as an Institute for professional development. With this in mind, the center offers several training sessions during the year, via e-Learning and / or instructor-led, on gender issues and gender equality. Fee-based courses in several languages (English, French, Arabic). 

- Class Central: Free online courses on gender issues: 

The Class Central website offers you hundreds of online academic courses, available in multiple languages (English, Russian, Spanish and French) and on a variety of topics. You have the choice between one-off or continuous training, all for free! 

- Feminist Summer School of the German Women’s Council (DF), Berlin (Germany): 

As part of its Women’s Summer School, the German Women’s Council organizes an international exchange on how to achieve true parity in parliaments and politics from 14 to 16 September 2018 in Berlin. The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) and the French Coordination for the European Women’s Lobby (CLEF), member of the FFEM network, are also participating to this event, which will be held in German. 

- 10th European Conference on Gender Equality in Academia, Dublin (Ireland): 

Since 1998, the European Conferences have brought together hundreds of researchers and activists from Europe and around the world who are fighting for gender equality. This year, from 20 to 22 August, the National Council of Irish Women (NWCI) is organizing one of these international fora to discuss gender challenges in universities, and the promotion of gender equality in higher education and research institutions. This event will be held in English. 


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