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16 Days of Activism: What is Violence to Me?

21.12.2021 / Created by WND
16 Days of Activism: What is Violence to Me?

For 16 days, the Women Now for Development Association reached out to and engaged with women and men through their Arabic language social media channels to help spread awareness about violence, its impacts, and the different ways it manifests itself. The types of violence they chose to talk about result from a report launched by the Feminist Research Unit at Women Now titled: “Syrian Women’s Readings of the Present, Future, and Associated Concepts”.

Syrian women that were interviewed for this study spoke about different types of violence in the context of war, displacement, and other issues. This includes: the violence of nostalgia, the violence of holding refugee status, the violence of displacement and forced migration, the violence of locations, the violence of post-revolution and mid-war relationships, the social and domestic violence against women, and the violence of warfare.

Women Now for Development managed to reach more than 155,000 people on their social media. However, 16 days is not enough to talk about this sensitive topic and violence is an everyday reality for most women. For this reason, the campaign used the hashtag #16daysisnotenough to encourage people to continue to raise awareness.

Click here to read the full report.


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