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The Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers launches its Strategic Plan

29.11.2021 / Created by AEFLA
The Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers launches its Strategic Plan

Towards continuing its development and improving institutional performance, and starting from its accumulating experiences and its different research, material and human resources and in the context of support and cooperation with Diakonia "School of Political Cadres", the Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL) issues its strategic plan for the coming five years 2021 – 2025. AEFL hired one of the strategic experts on Arab and regional level to provide support for the staff to come out with a strategic plan supporting building of alliances and partnerships with local, regional and international organizations to disseminate the culture of gender justice as AEFL deeply believes that each woman has right to enjoy justice and right to decent life, in addition to working upon enhancing women’s capacities and enable them to enjoy all their rights and working upon supporting and developing partner CSOs capacities in learning and acquiring experiences to influence decisions related to amending policies and laws. According to its strategic plan, AEFL’s vision is "to reach the Egyptian society to achieve gender equality according to constitutional and legislative system that guarantees the development and upgrading of Arab and African women’s rights. This is through a pioneer association and an outstanding defensive platform on national and regional level to support women’s rights under the ’umbrella’ of international and regional conventions. It is expected that AEFL’s strategy will be achieved through a number of strategic goals as follows: 1- Strengthening AEFL’s international relations on regional and international levels. 2- Enhancing knowledge and skills on women’s conditions in decision making positions on Arab, African and regional levels. 3- Improving the institutional capacities of AEFL and partner associations in the field of raising awareness and providing services.

4- Combating all forms of violence and discrimination against women on national, Arab and African levels.


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