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AEFL kicks off its project Social Initiative to Combat Early Marriage

29.11.2021 / Created by AEFLA

Success Story: The Project of Combating Early Marriage The Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers

In cooperation with Equality Now in Lebanon, the Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL) started the implementation of the project "Social Initiative to Combat Early Marriage" which targets raising social awareness in regard to the danger of early marriage and participating in the efforts aiming at preventing girls’ marriage by improving the legal climate and raising the social awareness. The project aims at raising the capacities of society towards the phenomenon of early marriage within the increasing rates of temporary enforced marriage in addition to targeting social media means audience to reach the targeted girls.

Moreover, the project aims at raising the legal awareness in regard to preventing girls marriage, building the capacities of 10 NGOs, raising awareness of 200 families including a girl/ woman or two girls/ women in the age from 16 to 40 years old and 1000 persons regarding women’s rights and social and legal impacts of early marriage, local media awareness campaign, training 20 local facilitator on issues of early marriage and its impacts, issuing number of awareness videos, launching a campaign on social media means. The project is implemented in Al Hawamdya and Al Waraq areas in Giza.

The partners in implementing the project are: CSOs, the National Council for Women, the parliament and senate. In the context of the project, AEFL has implemented a number of activities to achieve the expected objectives of the project, among which are: - Raising awareness sessions for families, women and girls in regard to legal, health and psychological risks of early marriage. These sessions targeted 200 families and 1000 women and girls. - Launching a page on social media means entitled "Against Girls Marriage" to raise awareness against the risks of girls’ marriage for 6000 persons. - Form an alliance composed of 20 NGOs who have the capacity to raise social awareness against this phenomenon. - Prepare a draft law including 11 articles divided into two sections. - Hold roundtable for experts to discuss the draft law of criminalizing child marriage. 22 experts participated in this roundtable including members in parliament and senate in addition to the head of marriage officials, representative of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, representatives of political parties, representatives of NGOs concerned with women and child’s rights and number of media personnel and public figures. By the end of this roundtable some of the members of the parliament announced their adoption of the draft law and submit it to the parliament to be discussed.

In addition, in one of his speech the president pointed out to the risk of this phenomenon and called for combining efforts to combat it. Also media means has widely covered the project activities; the matter which reflects the project positive echo in society.

Now the Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers launches the campaign # 1000 جمعية to call the president and the Egyptian parliamentarians to criminalize girls’ marriage. The campaign statement was signed by more than 350 NGOs.


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