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Opening of the Generation Equality Forum: 100 feminist associations call for mobilisation for the universal rights of women

01.07.2021 / Created by (EMWF)

The Feminist Collective for the Generation Equality Forum, which brings together more than a hundred French, European and international civil society organizations, based on a universalist and intergenerational approach, in continuity with the movements and struggles of women and of their feminist associations, and with respect for their diversity. Solemnly alert the President of the Republic, the States, institutions and actors of the international community meeting at the Paris Forum. The Collective for the Generation Equality Forum regrets that the method of organization of the EGF does not correspond to the format of a multilateral UN event and that the place of women’s and feminist organizations is unequal, particularly in view of the lack of resources of the vast majority of them. However, the Generation Equality Forum could play a mobilizing and accelerating role in the equality process, if the commitments presented by the thematic action coalitions were based on the base that the collective defines in the following document.

Associations and collectives gathered within the Feminist Collective for the Generation Equality Forum 2021


(French Coordination for the European Women’s Lobby), National Council of French Women (CNFF), Spanish Association for the European Women’s Lobby (LEM ESPAÑA), National Federation of Women Solidarity Network (FNSF), Hellenic League for the Rights of Women (GLWR), Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights (PPDM)


(INGOs) Association of Women of Southern Europe (AFEM), International Alliance of Women (AIF), European Center of the International Council of Women (CECIF), International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogate Motherhood (Ciams), European Network Of Migrant Women (ENOMW), European Group of University Graduated Women (GEFDU), Zéromacho, Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)


Adequations, Modern Administration, Association of Women Graduates of Universities, Association Espace Point de Départ Espod, Amicale du Nid, National Association of Feminist Studies, Biodiversity For Peace, Business Professional Women (Bpw France), Burkina Biiga, Evolutive Center Lilith, Lesbian Association Feminist, Watch Dogs, Collective and Feminist Network Ruptures, CQFD Feminist Lesbians, On the side of Women, Women Beyond the Seas, Women of the World and Reciprocally, Dignified Woman, Women for Saying, Women for Acting, Women and Men, Equality, Rights and Freedoms in Churches and Society, Forum Femmes Méditerranée, Femmes Monde, Femmes Solidaires, Handi Femme Blossoming, Jump, Women’s Assembly, Free Marianas, League of International Women’s Law, League of Iranian Women for Democracy, World March of Women France, Paris Heritage, Negar-Support For Women in Afghanistan, No c’est Non !, Olympe, Dare Le Féminisme !, Parity, Regard s of Women, Achieve Gender Equality, Women’s Values, Long Live Women


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