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Describe your CoronaAtHome

27.03.2020 / Created by FFMDEF
Describe your CoronaAtHome

Mediterranean Women’s Forum, with its rich network of committed women around the Mediterranean basin, aware from the outset that the voice of women is essential in the fight against discrimination, calls on women to create solidarity networks.

As Rebecca AMSELLEM says, in the last few days we have seen to what extent global disasters amplify social inequalities. With the exception of health care workers, "white collar workers" can "telework" when others are laid off (at best) or have to continue to work outside their home. And, although they are less visible on television sets, women are no less at the forefront of this pandemic. Nurses and doctors, cleaning staff who disinfect hospitals every morning, pharmacists - women make up more than 70 per cent of health workers in 104 countries surveyed by the World Health Organization. In France, it is 78%. And that’s not all: teachers and childcare assistants who look after the children of hospital staff, cashiers too, and journalists.

So the FFM is asking you to send us your testimonials. How do you experience confinement? What is the situation of women in your country? How has your country dealt with health issues?

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