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Coeur de Femmes - 4 and 5 March 2020 in Marseille

03.03.2020 / Created by FFMDEF

Coeur de Femmes is a time for meeting, sharing, discovering know-how and the possibilities of creation. A place for debate on the situation of women in the world. A citizen’s space.

During this event organized by Forum Femmes Méditerrannée, the initiatives of local associations in the framework of the International Women’s Day will be highlighted.

It is also the occasion for festive, cultural and sport happenings, carried out for women, with women and by women.

This event will allow women to meet, to exchange on multiple issues such as employment, domestic violence, the right to freely dispose of their bodies, in order to gain strength, to support each other, to fully exercise their rights.

In this sense, local solidarity networks will be developed.

Several studies show that women are doubly affected by poverty, in particular, because of the family responsibilities they very often assume alone and because of gender-related stereotypes that trap them in precarious roles.

In addition, many women are victims of violence, most often in silence. All these realities plunge a large majority of women in the neighbourhood into financial, but also social, relational, emotional and cultural precariousness.

Faced with this situation, it is necessary to continue to carry out actions to support women in order to combat the inequalities that affect them and the difficulties they encounter, as well as activities to make their capacity for resistance clearly visible.


WEDNESDAY 4 MARCH 2020 : Youth at the Heart

Hall Centre municipal d’Animation CMA


14h30 Maison pour Tous Belle de Mai: forum theatre on the fight against harassment

3pm: UFOLEP13 Double Dutch demo by the group "Sport pour Elles"

Ground floor room

14h-16h: Because U Art: a video on sexism made by young people from the Edgar QUINET college.

16h: Massa job: film "in the head of a recruiter" and meeting point for women looking for a job.

Dojo - Ground floor

14h-16h: Association for Social Rehabilitation and Assault Prevention Centre of Marseille: Self-defence workshops


14h-15h: Mediterranean Women’s Forum (FFM): Workshop "Game of the 7 families on the History of Women in Marseille" with Hélène Echinard, historian.

14h-17h: Pica Pica Company: Your image and you? The word is free in the cabin “

Vache à Confesse”.

15h-17h: Les Petits Débrouillards and Fédération L’air et Moi: Pollution Awareness workshop.


In the canteen

15h: Mediterranean Women’s Forum and Anna Lindh Foundation: Intercultural Dialogue Café with Serenade Chafik, Egyptian writer, and songs by Yasmine Mouloud.

16h: Destination Families: theatrical performance by a group of young people

17h: Manifeste Rien, lecture-concert: Louise Michel and Kabyle choir

19h30: Free price meal

Annex to the Coco Velten Hall

14h-16h: Family Planning Workshop on the female sex.

19h Pica Pica Company : dance wandering arriving at Coco Velten’s canteen.





9h: Opening - Ecole Révolution Jet d’Eau : choir of the CM1 and CM2 classes.

13h30 : MPT/CS Saint Mauront National : fashion show

Room 1

9h30-11h30: Family Planning Workshops on the Female Sex

11h30-12h30: Action Solidarité Marseille: raising awareness on the precariousness of migrant women’s conditions.

14h- 16h: AFEV and A Voix Haute: "revisiting Belsunce in a feminine way".

Room 2: Writing Workshops

10h -12h: Mediterranean Women’s Forum / Forum Femmes Méditerranée

12h to 12h30: Mediterranean Women’s Forum: workshop "7 families game - women’s history in Marseille" with Hélène Echinard, historian.

14h-16h: Word to Word

Exhibition of a garland of texts written by the women of Destination Familles

Room 6: Crafts area 9h30 -15h30pm

Discovery of the creative workshops of the Ceramists and Artists of Lilith, of the pottery and carpets of the Moroccan craftswomen, of the making of toilet bags for Féminité Sans Abris, the productions of ACAM’s intrapreneunes, the creations of the Maison pour Tous Saint Mauront, and of Destination Familles.

Room 7

9h30 -12h: Bokra Sawa: workshop on the place of women in the public space

9:30 - 12:00 Mediterranean Women’s Forum: workshop on gender-related stereotypes awareness led by students from the IUT of Aix en Provence.

14h-16h: Family Planning Workshops on the female gender

Room 8

9h30-12h: Simplon: digital awareness and career opportunities

14h-16h: Eurocircle - Europe Direct: quiz and debate on "Women in Europe: discovering European policies in favour of gender equality".

Room 9

9h30 : CAL: Screening of the film on Moroccan potters and craftswomen, followed by an exchange on the economic empowerment of women.

10h -10h45: Collective 13 Women’s Rights: meeting "women march for their rights and social justice" with Moroccan and Egyptian feminists.

12h-13h30: Vegetarian buffet - registration required

14-16h: 14h-16h: workshop debate on the transformation of know-how into economic activity: Meeting coordinated by ACAM Belsunce, ADIE, CIDFF, FFM, Positive Planet, Move St Mauront and Potentielles



9h30-12h: Les Petits Débrouillards and Fédération L’air et Moi: pollution awareness workshop

2pm: Couleur D’orange - Christina ROSMINI sings extracts from her latest album "Louve".

3:30 pm Fédération L’air et Moi coffee-debate "Women’s Hearts and the Environment".


14h-15h then 15h15-16h15: Baussenque Social Centre: Yoga workshops


14h45: The CriAtura: presentation of a working stage of the future show "Atout genre(s)".


In the canteen

10h45 - 11h30: Catherine LECOQ and Eclosion 13: medley around the Belle de Mai cigar boxes followed by an exchange on the place of women in culture.

3.15 pm: SOS Women 13 fashion show - performance - "Haute Couture" exhibition


9h30-12h: CODEPS: interactive nutrition animation

9h30 to 16h30: UFOLEP13: workshops on first aid "airway clearance and cardiopulmonary resuscitation of children and infants

Tea and cakes (Destination Familles) and Herbal Tea Bar (Centre Social Bernard du Bois Velten)


Audiovisual installation :

Coco Velten’s reception hall: diffusion of sound postcards Theatre of the Work and Urban Prod " in the streets of Belsunce, she said to me " photo and words of women

Media Caravan :

On the outside spaces of the Ilot Velten: video booth, free expression around the right to the city and gender, by Babelsunce, the Théâtre de Œuvre, Yes We Camp and Boulègue TV.


Hall of the Centre Municipal d’Animation - opening on Wednesday 4 March at 2 pm

  • Comic strips on citizen initiatives in the 3rd arrondissement by the Passer’elles group;
  • Information Centre on Women’s and CIDFF Family Rights: an exhibition on violence against women and sexism;
  • Femmes Solidaires Marseille: an exhibition on violence against women;
  • Mediterranean Women’s Forum and the European Network of Migrant Women (ENoW) on prostitution;
  • Anchors: "gender, immigration and commitment";
  • Collège de la Belle de Mai: plastic arts project
  • ASCJ Felix Pyat: gender bias

Stands :

Lively information stand on women’s rights and gender stereotypes (CIDFF)

Family planning on different themes (sexuality; contraception; abortion; violence; discrimination, etc.) as well as two activities: a frieze game and a goose game.

Mediterranean Women’s Forum for Migrant Women Mentorships

Eclosion 13 on the female performing arts



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