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Women's leadership: a force for peace?

12.06.2019 / Created by HD
Women's leadership: a force for peace?

The NGO Humanity Diaspo was invited to participate in the World Peace Forum which was organized by the Normandy region on June 4th and 5th on the eve of the 75th anniversary celebrations of the D-Day.

This event brought together peace makers including five Nobel laureates, such as Congolese doctor, Denis Mukwege, "the man who repairs women", whose participation is of the utmost importance as it reaffirm not only that women’s bodies must not be part of the battlefield and that women must be an integral part of peace processes, but also that their presence is not desirable but obligatory in order to ensure lasting peace.

In this context, Humanity Diaspo attended the debate on "Women leaders of peace: a force for the future".

Humanity Diaspo is part of the recently created Women 7 Movement (W7), a coalition of civil society actors advocating for ambitious policies for gender equality and as well as for governments’ compliance with financial commitments to achieving gender equality, in line with the G7 summit and preparatory meetings.

The W7 advocates, inter alia, for greater participation of women in peace processes, given that women make up only 8% of peace negotiating teams, although it has been demonstrated that peace agreements have a 35% chance for lasting at least 15 years if women were involved.

To learn more about the W7, click here. More information on the World Peace Forum is available in the link below.




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