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A research on radios'role in women's economic empowerment in Egypt

03.07.2018 / Created by ECWSRE
A research on radios'role in women's economic empowerment in Egypt

A recent study entitled "The Role of Egyptian Radio in supporting women’s small projects" confirmed the important role played by some programs in Egyptian radio stations in encouraging women to set up small projects and enter the labour market. 

The study was based on the program "She and her Sisters (Heya wa Akhawatuha)" which was broadcast on Sawt Al Arab radio in cooperation with the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, and presented by Nihad Abu Al-Qumsan, lawyer and president of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights.

The researcher chose this program because of its content which addressed direct messages to women on how to start their own projects, and how to overcome the problems they may encounter in the labour market. The program also provided some of the life skills that women need in the Egyptian labour market, such conflict resolution, self-esteem and the basis for fair competitiveness the labour market.

The study concluded that the program contributed to changing women’s perception of themselves, their work and their role in society. It also highlighted the role of the program in supporting small projects of women, encouraging them to enter the labour market and giving them the advice they may need when facing problems related to their economic empowerment.


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