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Book on the struggle of Arab feminists. The case of Morocco and Tunisia

04.06.2018 / Created by LEBT
Book on the struggle of Arab feminists. The case of Morocco and Tunisia

Leïla Tauil’s book, "Arab Feminisms: A Century-Long Battle. The Case of Morocco and Tunisia" dives into the fascinating history of Moroccan and Tunisian feminist movements by bringing out of the shadows the role of women, while also deconstructing the stereotype of the "submissive Arab woman".

The description of the major historical stages of these secular feminist movements of the Maghreb -also present during the Arab Spring- and the current questions related to the phenomenon of the re-Islamization of "women’s rights", the "generalized" wearing of the veil and the emergence of religious actresses who call themselves Islamic feminists, contribute to the originality of this book.

The author has the merit of demonstrating the universal character of the struggle of women for their emancipation. Arab feminism, like any other type of feminism around the world (American, European, African feminism, etc.), participates globally in this revolution of social relations between men and women in an egalitarian perspective of public and private spaces.

Leïla Tauil holds a PhD in Philosophy and Literature, and has, among other things, conducted research on the founding period of Islam, the historical development of Islamic law (sharia), the status of Muslim women, Islamic feminisms, secular Arab feminisms, and intercultural and interreligious dialogue from the work of Mohammed Arkoun.


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