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Women's Year Is Not Finished Yet! Egyptian women's status in 2017

10.04.2018 / Created by ECWSRE
Women's Year Is Not Finished Yet! Egyptian women's status in 2017

The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) issued its annual report on the Status of Egyptian women in 2017 under the title "Women’s Year Is Not Finished Yet".

The report monitors the successes and failures of women in 2017, and it is divided into 4 main chapters:

  1. Civil and Political Rights; it addresses women in cabinet reshuffle, women in positions for the first time, women and decision-making positions, women in the Press, and Syndicate elections, female members and the Parliament, Women and Judiciary.
  2. Economic and Social Rights; it includes women and labor, women and education, Egyptian women among the 100 powerful Arab women.
  3. Violence against Women; it presents the continuation of violence against women and the efforts of confronting it.
  4. ECWR’s Efforts; it addresses the efforts have been achieved by ECWR during the 2017 aiming to enhance women’s rights and support women to access to their rights.

The report is in Arabic, but and executive summery is available in English (Attached below) More details are also available in the link below.


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