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CEDAW Association trains women of Sohag on electoral campaign management

09.02.2018 / Created by ledebe387
CEDAW Association trains women of Sohag on electoral campaign management

As part of its mission to support and empower women in Egypt, CEDAW Association has recently completed the training of 20 women on electoral campaign management in preparation for the new battle of Egyptian women to participate in local elections, and in accordance with Egyptian constitution which grants women 25% of the seats of local councils.

It is worth mentioning that CEDAW works to support and empower women in Egypt through many campaigns in which it was a key partner, or through the implementation of women’s initiatives aimed at changing the stereotypical view of women as a tool for reproduction and raising children, instead of capable person who has the right to participate in the management of public affairs.

The association targeted 20 women from Sohag. These women decided to run in the next local elections whether as independents candidates or within electoral lists. Women were trained over three days on how to run a cost-effective campaign through which they can reach their local community and clarify the message, concepts and laws they deal with. They were also provided with practical training on how to conduct public gatherings and media meetings and to face the severe criticism that the candidate might face.

They were also provided with a set of international legal texts and conventions recognizing women’s rights and encouraging their active participation in the society. The training also included a session where participants got to learn about the experiences of other women went through the elections experience and were able to reach decision-making positions.

By the end of the training, each female candidate elaborated her plan of action for an electoral campaign. Participants were also assured that CEDAW Association will continue its support to them, whether through field follow up, or through legal and technical support during the campaign and after the elections of the candidates as members of local councils.


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