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Networking meeting under the theme: Lend forward: how to boost your business

09.01.2018 / Created by WNMNR
Networking meeting under the theme: Lend forward: how to boost your business

On November 11, 2017, the Women’s Network for Mentoring organized a meeting to introduce the ‘’Lend Forward’’, a new concept of mutual aid in business, to twenty women from various fields.

In this networking meeting, the participants discussed the relationships that could be forged between women to boost their business and how women can show solidarity with each other and practice the Lend Forward (receiving with the intention to repay later).

The concept of Lend Forward is to receive, in the professional or other field, with the intention to return later, to the same person, or usually another person in need, in a conscious or unconscious way.

During the workshop, the women discussed the reasons that push a person to give, and why giving is a beneficial act for the person himself/herself, as well as for the other, and the relationship between people in general.

The reasons that prevent, people in general, and Moroccan women in particular, from giving spontaneously and instinctively have also been discussed, and participants concluded that these reasons are related to education, culture, lack of self-confidence and the spirit of competitiveness.

These meetings are excellent opportunities to meet new members, develop one’s network, exchange and debate on different topics for the sake of both personal and professional development.

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