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Mouwatinet completes its advocacy campaign on women's effective participation in municipal elections in Sfax

04.08.2017 / Created by Ffeuromed
Mouwatinet completes its advocacy campaign on women's effective participation in municipal elections in Sfax

Although Tunisian women have always been active in political life, thanks to the Tunisian constitution which guarantees gender equality and parity in the legislative body, and the recent modification of the electoral law by the Tunisian parliament who approved horizontal and vertical parity, their representation in leading and decision-making positions does not reflect this active participation, especially at the local level where women occupy only 25% of the positions of municipal councils.

Within this context, Mouwatinet conducted an awareness campaign for the effective participation of women in municipal elections in Sfax under the slogan "Half of the council is our right".

Through a series of activities, including meetings, trainings, awareness-raising caravans, symposiums and social networks, Mouwatinet was able to sensitize 288 people and personalities on women’s access to local decision-making positions (14 deputies from the " National Assembly, 4 local MPs, 19 members of political parties, 48 ​​representatives of civil society associations, and 203 people who attended the campaign’s launching ceremony on 3 March 2017 and its closing conference on 29 June 2017).

The official launch of the campaign was preceded by a symposium entitled ’’ Are we ready for decentralization?’, Which Mouwatinet organized in December 2017 in partnership with the Reflection Action Collective (CORAC), the Network Mourakiboun and the Doctoral School of the Law Faculty of Sfax. And on May 24, Mouwtinet organized another symposium with the same partners on municipal elections and concerns about the application of the constitutional provisions on local power.

Mouwtinet has also set up a stand to raise awareness at the Mother and Child Fair at Sfax International Fair, from 28 March to 2 April 2017, to promote the campaign and promote it among the general public by distributing leaflets and brochures to visitors of the fair.

The association has also set up a sensitization caravan that travelled to 4 target municipalities (Sfax, Sakiet Ezzit, Agareb and Mahres) and distributed 1000 brochures and leaflets on the 17 and 21 May and 16 and 17 June, 2017.

At the same time, 20 potential candidates were trained and encouraged to run for municipal elections as part of a training course on communication skills and leadership, local governance and gender that took place on 22 and 29 April 2017.

As for social Media, Mouwtinet created a page on Facebook entitled "Half of the council is our right" to promote the campaign and publish the audio-visual material that it had produced including a 15 minutes documentary explaining the different stages and the results of this advocacy campaign, which is coordinated in partnership with the Voices of Moroccan women’s association within the framework of the CSO WINS project "Capacity building in the Southern Mediterranean to open policy dialogue and policy monitoring for women in society "funded by the European Union, in synergy with the Foundation’s action.

The campaign was covered and supported by 3 local radio stations ( Radio Sfax, Radio Diwan, Express Fm), the national TV channel and many local and national newspapers and websites.


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