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Crowdfunding first goal achieved!

23.06.2017 / Created by IC
Crowdfunding first goal achieved!

Good news! The first target of our crowdfunding campaign has been reached! A big ‘Thank You’ to all the people who have participated and continue to participate in our campaign: "One School – One Year" has now become a reality! Thanks to this achievement we will be able to continue the activities of the "Forming Responsible Citizens" project in one school for another year.

But this accomplishment represents only the first step of our goal! So, keep encouraging friends and peers to participate in this campaign. This campaign represents a long-term goal to consolidate the educational material we have carried out with our partners in Morocco and Tunisia as part of a project sponsored by the Union for the Mediterranean within the framework of the prevention of violence and the promotion of gender equality. Forming responsible citizens means supporting teachers and students with materials, knowledge and practical experiences. We believe that the key to the future is our young people. We also believe that it is our duty to encourage them to have the tools and confidence necessary to make the changes we seek in our societies and to be the driver of a dialogue that will help us to become more and more inclusive and open to the outside world.

For these reasons, we believe that it is crucial that all of us participate in order to reach this goal. Businesses, schools, associations and individuals can and should strengthen values of tolerance and dialogue, and help young people to be active and responsible citizens. International and national cooperation, as well as networks working in the Mediterranean region, continue to support our theory that young people and their backgrounds are one of the keys to contributing to the positive development of our world.

We invite you to support us and to spread the word about the "One school, One Year" initiative.

The Forming Responsible Citizens project is in partnership with Ideaborn Foundation, the Moroccan Center for Civic Education and the Social Development and Empowerment Center labeled by Union for Mediterranean financed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway& the Principality of Monaco.


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